Making the Transition From Traditional PBX Phones to VOIP Systems Simple

June 4, 2021 0 By Gabriel Hernandez

Perhaps the biggest obstacle companies face when transitioning from traditional on-premises PBX phone systems to VOIP is the lack of training. Most people who have used traditional PBX phone systems for years would be unfamiliar with new business phone systems like VOIP, or even how to switch from on-premises to cloud-based phone system applications. Even if one has experience with PBX phone systems, switching over to a new VOIP based system can cause a great deal of confusion. This is why switching from a traditional on-premises PBX phone system to cloud-based phone systems should be made as simple as possible. The easiest way to accomplish this task is through online pbx phones help.

Why Everything You Know About Making The Transition From Traditional Pbx Phones To Voip Systems Simple

As companies and industries implement unified communication, phone systems need to advance to accommodate changing needs. Traditional PBX phone systems once offered significant advantages, but these benefits have been significantly diminished by major price drawbacks and severely restricted functionality. Simply put, on-demand PBX phone systems have become cost prohibitive and hinder even the simplest forms of convenient communication. As switching to IP communication opens the door to cost-efficient communications, companies are moving away from PBX and towards VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). As a result, many companies with current PBX phone systems would be well served to move to an IP based voice communication solution, such as that offered by VOIP providers.

Online resources for VOIP services are a great way to make the transition from old phone systems to new ones. One online source that can help businesses transition from old PBX service providers to newer VOIP based phones is Nextiva. When switching from an old vendor to a newer provider of VOIP phones, Nextiva can make the process as easy as possible. The company offers all of the tools necessary to ensure that businesses transition smoothly and effectively. Their comprehensive services include toll free numbers, site search engines, answering machines, local/ Toll-free customer service, caller ID, call transfer, voice mail, voicemail, fax, IP PBX, site mapping, software, hardware, and more.