Lake Norman Shooting Range

Lake Norman Shooting Range

Located near Lake Norman shooting range in Cornelius, this range is one of the few solar-powered shooting ranges in the U.S. It uses 21 solar panels on its roof to provide electricity.

The gun range also hosts a monthly USPSA event, Tac night, and more. The owners of the range want to make their business the best around and they’re dedicated to their members.


The Lake Norman shooting range is located in Cornelius, a suburb of Charlotte, and is one of the area’s many recreational shooting destinations. The facility boasts a number of amenities, including a state-of-the-art shooting range, retail store, and restaurant. In addition to their large selection of firearms, they also offer a variety of training classes and special events, like USPSA pistol and rifle competitions and a Tac night.

The best part about the Lake Norman shooting range is that it’s actually a fun place to spend some time with your family and friends. The site is well-groomed and features a nice-sized indoor target range, plus several outdoor target sets for use during the warmer months. The building also features a large number of interactive displays. The facility is one of the best places to get some quality family fun and has a very friendly staff that goes out of its way to ensure all guests are treated with respect and given a smile.


Lake Norman shooting range offers a wide variety of amenities and services to meet the needs of its members. Its facilities include a simulator system from TI Systems, a state-of-the-art classroom, public wifi throughout, and a member’s lounge.

The facility also features a 4,000-square-foot firearms retail area. Its owner hopes to attract women and introduce them to gun safety.

It also boasts a unique solar-powered shooting range. It’s the first of its kind in the country and generates a large portion of its own power from a string of 21 solar panels fixed on its roof.

Opponents of the range worry it will disrupt wildlife, particularly raptors, and waterfowl. They believe the noise and lead from the range could harm raptors, who raise broods on the cliffs of Linville Gorge. They’re also concerned about the impact on tourism.


Unlike most shooting ranges in the area, The Range at Lake Norman is open to the public and not just members of the military. It also boasts a few high-tech features, including an impressive-looking video target system. Developed by North Wilkesboro-based Open Fire Systems, the system is a technological marvel that enables visitors to take aim and shoot moving video targets at various distances. The technology isn’t cheap, however. A standard rifle or pistol range pass costs $25, which is a bit on the steep side for a Cornelius-based facility. The Range at Lake Norman is open seven days a week, Monday through Friday. To get the most out of your time at the range, be sure to book online in advance. If you have a special occasion or would like to take advantage of group discounts, check the website to see what’s available.


The Range at Lake Norman is a premier indoor firearms training and shooting range located in Cornelius, NC. The facility is renowned for its top-notch facilities, expert instruction and unparalleled customer service. They offer classes that are tailored to each individual’s skill level and training goals. They also provide a wide selection of firearms for rent or purchase.

The Range at Lake Norman is in the process of expanding and is planning to open a second location later this year. They plan to attract new customers by offering training classes and a 4,000-square-foot firearms retail area. They also plan to expand their rental program by adding fully automatic weapons. Point Blank Range and Shooters Express in Mooresville are the only two other gun ranges in North Carolina that rent fully automatic weapons. Those ranges offer the guns for rent to attract customers who aren’t comfortable with semi-automatic weapons. But fully automatic weapons are more difficult to control and cause damage to ceilings and overhead lights.